9 Wedding Planning and Inspiration tools

New year is the perfect time to start your wedding planning. Now the festive season is out of the way you can really focus on organising your perfect day! 

Arranging an event as huge and important as your wedding can be a daunting task and we have a guide to help you with this. However, before you even get down to the specifics it’s good to have a couple of tools up your sleeve that will help. Here are some of our favourites:

For Inspiration: 

  • Pinterest – a goldmine of inspiration. You could have one master board for all things wedding or set up boards for each element –  such as venues, dresses, wedding stationery and food
  • Instagram – the ultimate place to follow and interact with brand and influencers you’ve fallen in love with. Use hashtags to find more visual stimulation and uncover suppliers
  • YouTube – full of How-To guides. From floral displays to hairstyles – if you are DIY’ing any aspect of your special day, you are sure to find a suitable tutorial video here
  • Magazines – there are some great Wedding Magazines (such as You and Your Wedding) out there. Rip out ideas that appeal to you and create your own scrapbook. It would also make a lovely keepsake after you have had the day of your dreams!

For Organisation:

  • Apps – there are a few apps that can make your planning life so much easier. From finding suppliers to setting gift lists and creating to-do lists – an app can help with everything! Try Bride Book as a good first port of call 
  • Trello – We are a fan of using Trello to plan our workload and activities. It’s easy to replicate in order to organise your big day. You can share your boards with your partner and others who are helping. It’s easy to assign tasks and check on progress!
  • Google Cloud / Drive – set up a folder system and keep all documents in one place. After the wedding, you can also store your precious photos here without the worry of losing them. 
  • Spreadsheets – a good old fashioned spreadsheet is sometimes the best method to keep track of everything from your to-do list to the finances. It’s easy to create a project management timing plan too 
  • Diary – If you prefer something more paper-based. A diary is a great way to visualise all the tasks you need to do and plan effectively