Top Tips for your Destination Wedding

1. Choosing a location

Travel planning concept on map
Location is key when planning a wedding. Choose a location that has meaning for both you and your partner and reflects your shared style and passions. Always keep in mind when planning your destination wedding that you will need space for all your guests and the budget to be able to pull it off.

2. Notify guests well in advance

Nobody wants an empty venue on your wedding day so make sure your nearest and dearest are given plenty of notice! They will need to ensure they can get the time off work and have enough money to cover the cost of hotels and travel to be a part of your big day.

3. Visit in advance

There would be nothing worse than turning up for your big day and realising the venue is nothing like the images. Ideally, you would like to see your venue at least once before booking and again three/four months before the wedding date to finalise any details. With a destination wedding a second trip is not always possible, so try to arrive at least five days earlier to make all those final decisions and check everything is in order for the big day. Make sure you meet your vendors face to face and set up meetings with them prior to the big day to schedule any tastings, sample bouquets and hair/make up trials.

4. Tailor your wedding attire to the destination

Every bride wants to feel and look beautiful on their big day so tailoring your dress to suit the location is essential. Breathable fabrics would work best in hot locations. Don’t forget to consider your guests, a heads-up on appropriate footwear, such as flip flops/sandals for a beach venue or an umbrella in case of an afternoon shower.

5. Stuff that suitcase!

Shipping overseas is always risky and expensive, especially when it comes to wedding attire so pack as much as possible into your hold & hand luggage. Always take your wedding dress on board the plane with you, even if it means folding it, just make sure it can be pressed and steamed at the other end.