Why we love a Winter Wedding

The clocks have gone back, the nights are drawing in and Christmas is nearly upon us (Shhh!). It’s also a fantastic time to get married! There are so many positive reasons why a winter wedding works. 

Stunning, sparkly and sophisticated

It’s a season of contrasts and there are a variety of themes and colour schemes that really reflect the time of year. You could go for a magnificent winter wonderland with a cool, sparkly, icy silver as the main accent, or a warm, sumptuous, gold and red option to tie in with the festive season. Both chic and beautiful. 

Often wedding clothes are *made* for this time of year. Think floor-length gowns with faux fur wraps and formal suits. Extremely glamorous and sure to be welcomed by many guests. 

Less stress better rates

You are more likely able to book your perfect venue, as this time of year is generally less busy. The other upside is that often the costs are cheaper, many venues have a winter rate which can be substantially less than at peak times.

With this in mind, your dream venue could be achievable, whereas it wouldn’t have been in the summer months. 

Some venues will already be dressed in a festive manner meaning all you would need to do is choose some gorgeous wedding stationery, such as table numbers and menus to finesse. Another expense saved!

No “Wedding fatigue”, a more unique option

Statistically, people are far more likely to get married in the summer months. Sometimes wedding days at this time of year can end up overlapping, meaning that your loved ones would have to choose which wedding to attend, leading to disappointment. Guests can also feel a bit overwhelmed by going to so many weddings in a short space of time – it’s rare for this to be the case in the winter. 

Getting married in the Winter is definitely more unique and novel, in the best possible way. With a little creative flair, you can create a wonderful day to remember, the possibilities are endless. 

Immediate exotic honeymoon

The honeymoon is one of the most exciting elements of a wedding. A holiday of a lifetime is often the aim, with far-flung locations such as Thailand and Mexico desired choices. With a winter wedding you can have your honeymoon immediately after you say ‘I do’ as it’s the best time of year to visit these countries. Jetting off into the sunset immediately rather than wait 6 months!

Equally, you could carry on the winter wonderland theme with a trip to the mountains and a honeymoon spent on the snowy slopes.

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